Going for gold

Going for gold

Some of us at the studio have been watching an awful lot of Winter Olympics coverage this week…so we were very excited when our friendly UPS driver dropped this off yesterday! A client recently found this in an attic. It has been rolled for many years, so we had to put weights all over it to get it to lie flat for the photo.

1932 Winter OlympicsThe athletes’  gear has changed quite a bit in the last 82 years, but the graphic design and typefaces wouldn’t be too out of place on a 2014 poster! This poster is printed in a beautiful metallic gold ink that looks much better in person.

Bobsled detailNice leather helmets!

Skier detailDoes anyone else remember using ski poles with those giant leather-strapped pinwheel baskets?

Skater detailThis looks like a very sensible outfit for figure skating – she’s even wearing a warm hat and gloves. A far cry from today’s spangled leotards!

For more on the 1932 Winter Games –  the first Winter Olympics to take place outside of Europe – check out the official IOC website.  Lots of photos plus a great video of that bobsled team in action at the link!