Building some studio equipment

Building some studio equipment

We rearranged the Works on Paper studio a couple weeks ago, and we are loving the new more spacious and flexible layout. We modified several of our work tables so they are all the same height, and added casters so we can roll them together to work on large objects.

We also put together this huge new rack to hold all the large rolls of papers and conservation fabrics. These rolls are HEAVY so we needed something very sturdy.

rolled storage rack top

It’s just over six feet tall and holds seven 4-foot-long rolls suspended on metal tubing, plus one 5-foot-long roll resting on padded brackets. All the rolls are easily accessible from either side, and the whole thing is on casters so we can move it around if needed.


It’s made of basic 2×4 and 2×6 lumber from the hardware store. The metal rods are cheap galvanized conduit cut to length with a hacksaw, and mounted in shower curtain brackets. Each rod lifts in and out of the brackets easily.



The base and sides are finished with scrap boards and plywood we had lying around, and the whole thing is painted with some leftover paint from another project. The total cost was under $150 (most of which went for the casters and brackets) which is far less than a commercial rack built for this purpose!

rolled storage rack